Ballistic Glass

Ballistic Glass

Ballistic Glass (Handgun): Level II Thin enough to allow Level II window to roll up and down just like a factory installed window. Our Ballistic Glass acts as a one way shield, allowing for rounds to be fired from the inside of the armor while stopping rounds fired at it.

Glass Specs:

  • Tested to NIJ Level II Standards
  • We armor all standard industry preferred vehicles
  • Stops Multiple rounds fired at the Ballistic Glass
  • Made in USA

$1,000,000.00 Liability Policy with an A+ carrier on every window

Immediate availability: Upgrade your vehicles today. Ask your authorized Vehicle Armor dealer for immediate delivery.

Quick Installation: It takes about 1 hour to add the armor film to your vehicle. Start having a greater peace of mind that your vehicle is protected.

Lowest cost for effective resistance: For just pennies a day you can have vehicle protection and peace of mind. There is no better value on the market.

Additional Options:

  • Extra Protection: drop down armored flap to close gap between bottom of door and ground
  • Ballistic Glass Police Partition between front and rear seat
  • Driver’s ballistic seat cover
  • Engine and rear storage protection
  • Custom solutions available

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