Automotive Armor

Automotive Armor

Vehicle Armor applied to your ride eliminates any threat or assault to save your life…

We are all about Protection. We are able to armor the entire vehicle for a fraction of the weight and a fraction of the cost that other armor companies can provide.

Our Parent company ATEK Defense Systems, LLC is in the manufacturing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), building both Soft and Hard Body armor for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security. ATEK Also manufactures and installs armor for vehicles, buildings and other building supplies. ATEK realized that the demand for Vehicle Armor is growing very quickly and created a new company called Vehicle Armor Systems, LLC to take on the new roll with a focus on just vehicle Armor.

Vehicle Armor Systems, LLC through its parent company can offer both ballistic Armor for the car doors as well as the glass. Customers have a choice as to the threat level they desire to protect themselves against both in glass and vehicle body. Vehicle Armor Systems has a unique glass that is lighter and thinner than other standard ballistic glass available on the market.

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